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Emma has presented several mental health-informed presentations, trainings and webinars to students, parents and corporate communities throughout Ontario. Her presentations focus on mental health education and literacy coupled with evidence-based strategies and resources to help the audience feel equipped to work through daily challenges.

Emma’s energy is infectious. Her authentic, relatable and positive approach differentiates her ability to connect with her audiences on a more human level.

Emma serves as a Preferred Vendor to the Ontario Camp Association (OCA) and provides mental health trainings to camp communities throughout Ontario to ensure mental health preparedness, proficiency and best practice in working with youth and families in camp settings. There is a reason that she has been invited to address over 15 camp communities and organizations including the annual Ontario Camp Association Conference in Toronto.

Through the lens of education, engagement and enthusiasm, Emma aims to support communities through various presentation topics such as: *

  • Riding the Waves of Worry: Understanding Mental Health Literacy
  • Mental Health in COVID times: supporting your well-being while navigating the new normal
    • Concrete strategies to support transitions such as
      integration to school, camp, new experiences etc.
  • I Feel Like I’m Going to Barf! Love, My Anxiety
  • Zones of Regulation and Mindfulness
    • Psychoeducation on brain-body connection and
      neurological basis behind stress & mood
      Mental health literacy = using accurate and
      appropriate language when speaking about mental
    • Recognizing cognitive distortions, negative thinking
      patterns and encouraging mindful accurate and age
      appropriate language for mood and other mental
      health states
  • Wait… am I a bully? – Psychoeducation about Bullying Behaviours in Today’s World
  • Parental/family support and recommendations for the reduction of emotional dysregulation in youth
*Emma is happy to curate unique and dynamic new presentations for your organization on topics that are specific to your community’s needs.
Emma Fogel at BVG pre-camp
Emma Fogel with Leo Baeck students
Emma Fogel at the OCA Conference

Emma Fogel Teaching at the Annual Ontario Camps Association’s Conference

Emma provided psychoeducational training at the OCA’s conference to an audience of over 100 camp directors and leadership teams. Her presentation provided evidence-based mental health education for both children and adults, with the goal of developing resiliency skills to promote overall well-being.

Click on the video to watch a clip of Emma at the conference.

Emma is a breath of fresh air … just like camp! Emma presented to a jam-packed room of over 100 day camp directors and senior staff at the Annual Ontario Camps Association’s Conference. She was engaging, relevant and relatable! The feedback from her session was overwhelming super positive! Her upbeat approach along with realistic examples helped everyone in attendance walk away with a better understanding of what anxiety can look like, how those butterflies we all experience (that includes ALL of us … directors, staff, campers and even their parents) can actually be put to good use and most importantly Emma helped equip all of us in attendance with the tools to help our camp communities recognize when we should push through anxiety vs. reach out for more support. Many of those in attendance are looking forward to Emma presenting to our front-line staff and we know our families would benefit from hearing Emma speak as well!

Sari Grossinger

Co-Owner and Director, Camp Robin Hood

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